With so many professional porn stars out in the world of pornography doing their best to out-fuck/cum each other, it is of great disappointment to note that little attention is being paid to amateur porn stars. Many of us are tired of watching old sluts take in a million different dicks in just one clip, fresh naïve blood with unsullied pussies are what is on demand. In this article, we will take a quick look at some of the top amateur porn stars to grace the industry this year.

Lexi Luna: First on our list is young lexi, she probably doesn’t look much of an amateur to you, but trust me, that thick slut has nothing of finesse or skill in her fucking ways. Watching her gyrate her round bum over a black cock is enough evidence for you to realize you’re watching a total amateur.

Leah Gotti: It doesn’t get any more amateur than this, Gotti might be an amateur, but she fucks with so much enthusiasm, it’s a surprise she’s still got any pussy left.

Ivy Wolfe: Amateur sexual predator, guard your cocks lad, because this one’s prowling about looking for whose nut to devour.

Lana Rhoades: It’s not every day you find a sexy amateur lesbian porn star who makes life a living hell for straight women. With firm pussy lips and a tight hole all ripe for the sucking, you can never go amiss with this one.

Little Oral Andie: She was born to suck. Named after a porn genre, it came as no shock when Her mom kicked her out of the house after catching her husband convulsing with eyes glazed over, all the while being sucked to death by her step daughter. You probably want to have your dick buried deep in her throat.



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