How to Find Trans Women in Dubai

You’ve probably heard about Dubai’s harsh LGBTQ laws by now. After all, the Emirates are Muslim notwithstanding the fact that Dubai is relatively progressive-thinking for one. Still, 90% of the population is expat and this population is predominantly young, so there’s lots of dating going on, including trans dating.

A search for “trans dating in Dubai” will invariably yield websites advertising Dubai shemales and “Dubai escorts”, and if that’s what you’re looking for, no one is stopping you from giving the sites a try. If you’re looking for something more serious, a better bet would be reputable, international dating sites. Before we get to those, however, there are some practical safety precautions to take into account.

In Dubai, transsexuals are not recognized. Despite that, the emirate is home to a substantial trans community. Inviting a trans person to your home is safe as long as no ill-meant people find out. You’re in for quite an unpleasant experience if someone reports you to the police. Be sure to check your hotel’s policy on meeting prospective partners there. There are some trans-friendly hotels in Dubai, but not many.

You can meet trans people on international dating sites like My Transgender Date or My Trans Cupid, both of which are active in Dubai. Locals have found a match through online dating, particularly those looking for a relationship. Another advantage of these sites is that they maintain a policy of respect toward all users and you aren’t going to come across offensive words like shemale or tranny on them.

There are some good local sites where you can meet trans women in Dubai, like Trans Chat. The site has free chat rooms that welcome pre-op, post-op, transgender people, transsexuals, MtF, FtM, cross-dressers, intersex, transvestites, androgynous people, genetic females, genetic males, gender fluid, queer, and all friends of the trans community. On this site, it is easy to find members of the transgender community living in Dubai.

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