How do You Even Date in Los Angeles

LA is a rough place to be if you’re dating. One of the most common dating issues in Los Angeles is the lack of a social network. In fact, this is probably the biggest problem. Without a substantial network, your prospects can seem pretty bleak.

Popular nightclubs and bars in LA may attract a lot of singles, but there are barriers to entry. Generally, people in LA are very busy. They are overly self-aware. The good news is that you can avoid common pitfalls by adopting an unconventional approach to dating. We share the details in this article.  

Meet People Through Mutual Friends

Meeting people through existing friends is very smart. As a member of the “group”, you come with pre-approval. You’ll be favored over a stranger any day. If a friend invites you to a party, go even if you don’t feel like it. Go to at least one of those pesky Facebook events. Use your friend network to meet people.

When you go to an event, make having a good time your top priority. Don’t focus on meeting someone. People are attracted to those who know how to have fun. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll have enjoyed yourself.

Visit Networking Events

Ivy Plus Society organizes events to bring together high achievers and graduates of top-ranking universities. Anyone can become a member, and many single people attend these events.

Three Day Rule is a unique dating service. Their annual Halloween party is said to be an epic singles event. You don’t have to be a member to go. Simply sign up for their mailing list to be notified of upcoming events.

Eventbrite has all kinds of events, from hobbyist to specialized. Speed dating is one of their most popular ones for singles. To see the events in your area, sign up for the newsletter.

VIP Social Events host the so-called Lock and Key. Women get locks, and men get keys, then everybody looks for their match. 

Galas and Fundraisers

You’d be hard-pressed to find so many attractive and successful people all in one place! They usually hold galas in museums or hotel ballrooms, and everyone is dressed their best. Sometimes, casual fundraisers take place in luxury mansions in Brentwood or Beverly Hills. They serve delicious food too. Claris Health and The People Concern are two West Side organizations with amazing fundraising events and galas. The causes are homelessness and pregnancy counseling, respectively. If you decide to go to a fundraiser, make sure you actually support the cause. Meeting like-minded people is always a plus.

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