How do You Even Date in Los Angeles

LA is a rough place to be if you’re dating. One of the most common dating issues in Los Angeles is the lack of a social network. In fact, this is probably the biggest problem. Without a substantial network, your prospects can seem pretty bleak. Popular nightclubs and bars in LA may attract a lot […]

How to Find Trans Women in Dubai

You’ve probably heard about Dubai’s harsh LGBTQ laws by now. After all, the Emirates are Muslim notwithstanding the fact that Dubai is relatively progressive-thinking for one. Still, 90% of the population is expat and this population is predominantly young, so there’s lots of dating going on, including trans dating. A search for “trans dating in […]


  With so many professional porn stars out in the world of pornography doing their best to out-fuck/cum each other, it is of great disappointment to note that little attention is being paid to amateur porn stars. Many of us are tired of watching old sluts take in a million different dicks in just one […]