Ungodly News – Amateur porn industry news and trends


Creating Pornographic contents these days has moved past the studio production, not that porn studios don’t make materials anymore, there just exists easier ways to make pornographic films. What with the latest development in technology, people have found it easier to just use whatever gadgets they find available to make quick homemade videos.

The reason for the rise in popularity of the homemade porn genre, can be attributed to some underlying factors that have little to do with professional porn stars, or expert porn directors and producers. A major reason is the relative frugality of making homemade videos. Using a mobile phone or pc with an average camera quality, anyone interested – doesn’t necessarily have to be a porn star – could film themselves performing erotic activities, and if those individuals have major interest in sharing, may post the films online. Some individuals in fact make homemade erotic videos for the extra cash it brings and website owners don’t have to pay much for real porn stars to shoot videos under the homemade genre.

Although, many consumers love a professional show of erotic activity, some actually prefer amateur pornography which is in essence a spin-off genre of the homemade category. Most homemade videos are shot by regular people who have little to no experience acting pornographic movies and some porn consumers believe they enjoy watching homemade porn because they feel that every sound, and nuances in facial expressions and body languages are real, unlike professional pornography, where many of the scenes are acts not wholly instigated by any real sense of pleasure.

Another reason for the rising popularity of homemade porn is the inadvertent spin-off of the porn genre. It is definitely easier to find real videos than it is to put together a bunch of upcoming porn actors, and make them act like they are amateurs. Not to speak of the number of filming equipment that will be needed in the production. Here, fans get to see real naivety. Some fans even claim to feel a heightened sense of erotic desire when watching people who honestly have little idea about any in-depth sexual knowledge while performing sexual activities. While that is obviously subjective and relative, the fact remains that people actually enjoy – to great lengths amateur porn which has contributed greatly to the rising popularity of homemade porn genre.